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Beta Whipe Refund

geschrieben von Kaliya am Dienstag, 24. September 2013, 13:51

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Many of the posters in this thread are correct. For each pack purchased with real money, you'll get back 100 gold. Each Arena entry will get you back 150 gold.

Here are a couple examples:

Zeriyah bought the $2.99 bundle for 2 packs during the beta. After the wipe, she will receive 200 gold. (100 gold per pack x 2 packs)
Aratil bought the $49.99 bundle for 40 packs during the beta. He also bought 3 Arena entries. Aratil will receive 4450 gold (100 gold x 40 packs + 150 gold x 3 Arena runs) after the wipe has been completed.

Will the spend money be credited back for release too? I mean if I spend money now in closed beta, i will get some gold after the wipe. Is there a guarantee i will still get gold when the game will be released if i dont spend any more money once the first wipe is complete and open beta starts?

Rest assured you're not going to lose any money spent in Hearthstone. We don't anticipate resetting collections again after the wipe has finished. We'll have more information on this soon.

Horde End-Cinematic + new Warchief!

geschrieben von Kaliya am Donnerstag, 12. September 2013, 07:39

Connected Realms Preview

geschrieben von Kaliya am Dienstag, 6. August 2013, 07:24

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Over the years, World of Warcraft players of all kinds have naturally migrated to different realms to play with their friends, find new guilds, strive for Heroic boss kills, search for the most competitive PvP experiences, and otherwise try to find the right place to call home. Over time, these shifts in player population can sometimes create a less-than-optimal play experience for those on less popular realms, making it tougher to find guilds, conquer group content, and get what they’re looking for from the Auction House and in-game economy.

In Patch 5.4, we’re looking to address this with a new feature called Connected Realms. Building on our existing cross-realm technology, a Connected Realm is a set of two or more standard realms that have been permanently and seamless “linked.” These linked realms will behave as if they were one cohesive realm, meaning you’ll be able to join the same guilds, access a single Auction House, run the same Raids and Dungeons, and join other adventurers to complete quests.

Our goal with Connected Realms is to give players on lower-population realms more opportunities to group up, compete, and connect with other players to take on Azeroth’s bigger challenges. That sort of interaction is a big part of what makes World of Warcraft fun, and this feature will help us deliver that experience to even more players.

We’ve prepared a short FAQ to answer a few questions we’re sure you’ll have, and we’re very eager to hear your thoughts and collect further questions in your comments below.

Q. Why are you implementing Connected Realms?

A. As WoW has evolved, we’ve seen players naturally gravitate toward a subset of very active realms, leaving behind lower-populated realms. Due to the massively multiplayer nature of World of Warcraft, certain kinds of gameplay experiences simply aren’t well-suited to a low-pop realm. By allowing players from two or more lower-pop


Lei Shen HC und Ra-Den DOWN

geschrieben von Kaliya am Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013, 20:38

Wir warten gespannt auf den nächsten Content! fröhliches Farmen! ;)

Fansite Event zusammenfassung. Features und Änderungen

geschrieben von Sprittie am Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013, 09:11

Itmupgrade und thunderforgedvarianten bleiben vorraussichtlich :-D --> like…-und-anderungen